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Zero Cost Commissions is an affiliate marketing course from Paul Liburd and Antonio Giuditta. They teach how to become successful affiliate marketers like they claim they are.

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Zero Cost Commissions main course is essentially a 100 page affiliate guide plus video tutorials that explain step by step of how to apply different strategies covered. Also they provide a custom made software that will automate most of the work involved in implementing provided strategies.

For an additional fee you will have an option to buy personal email coaching plus video course that shows profitable affiliate marketing campaign. In addition to that you will be able to buy software that automates backlinks generation.

If you want to say something more about this product, do not hesitate to leave the comment below.

Before buying any product, remember:

  1. Never spend money you cannot afford to lose.
  2. Never use borrowed money.
  3. Do not believe that you can get rich overnight.
  4. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


  1. This is very sad! Is there anybody out who actually has an honest review about the Zero Cost Commission Software because all i m keep seeing just a bunch other affiliate marketers pointing to that site with their affiliate links to make a cut without informing people what their take on the product….

  2. Blake WyndlowNo Gravatar says:

    I listened to the video and bought in only to find that I had o keep on buying if I hoped to have any success – I believe that there were 3 more programs offered to make sure that you had a chance to make some money.
    I bought a second one – by this time I was pretty confused (I am 77 and too old for this – but I try) When I finally got to try to use the program, I was so confused, I might as well be trying to do brain surgery so I wrote in and asked for my money back. Two days later, they have not even answered my first letter so they appear to be just as much of a con as the gurus that they keep knocking in their video!
    Up here in Canada, we call this selling tactic”bait and switch” and it is illegal. What is it down there!

  3. @Blake Wyndlow

    If you want a refund you can get it straight from the clickbank.

  4. I agree with Blaise.
    Please Read the sales Squeeze page for Zero Cost Commision Software.
    The page says you do not need a website… what a load of rubbish.
    The Software builds mini review sites.
    Look for yourself…….

  5. It’s called the same thing, and it’s illegal down here, too.

  6. I wish I had known that all of this information existed. I wouldn’t have purchased the stupid thing to begin with!!

  7. Amber PriceNo Gravatar says:

    ZERO COST COMMISSIONS is not just a bad scam, it is a true fraud. I bought basic and all upsales including “personal coaching”, spent well over $300 more than a week ago. No reponse to my email, most of download links don’t work. I have reported them to Clickbank already, and I hope that Clickbank will shut down Antonio Giuditta and Paul Liburd and their product Zero Cost Commissions.
    Refund will not satisfy me in this case, I will track them down, report their local business associations and also BBB.
    Antonio Giuditta and Paul Liburd are living samples why this industry has such a bad reputation!

    Comment back, or email at hccharger123[at] when you have similar experiences.


    Amber Price

  8. A fool and his money is soon parted! What fool does “zerocostcommissions” take one for? One should not judge because they are just “one of many robbers” out to get your hard earned buck! I bought hammers for $1 and some them for $0.5 – and it was more profitable than some of these powerful “vacuum cleaner” inlets hovering over my cash were. Isn’t it time that when a person says “FREE” he is held to that by some internet Authority? I am not American but is the FTC a body that could get positively involved?

  9. I paid 37 usd to Zero Cost Commissions to try whatever they promised on their sqeeze page. Got no product and answers to my mails. I would report about them to Clickbank that it is a big scam!!!!!!!!!!



  12. This is a SCAM I just bought this bullS#@* !! I want a refund and report them . I hope they get arrested for the Scams !!

  13. Peter JonesNo Gravatar says:

    Im glad I read this. Its hard to find an actual review of the product by googling it. more often than not its just yet another site pimping out the same software and ebook. Definitely not going to go for this now.


  14. Thank you for having that page, that helps people not to fall for this scam. Really appreciate it.

  15. Wally PierceNo Gravatar says:

    I want personally thank Google for providing this service! I almost bought into this Scam, since it is being afford thru ClickBank but something told me (experience) to check them out first. Just saved myself $37.00 plus a lot more headaches! Thank you, Thank you!

  16. Arlene ArisNo Gravatar says:

    I too have brought ‘zero cost commission’ and was not pleased and pretty confused by it. It seemed to be some meaningless tutorial on writing reviews of products and an e-book or two which I confess I didn’t read as by the time I got to them alarm bells were ringing in my mind that this was so not for me!! Writing to the ‘customer service team’ 3 times for a refund produced no results,so I have tried the people they used to process customers’ payments – early days yet – so keeping my fingers crossed this will work. As anyone noticed they have a variety of payment processors? Clickbank, Plimus, ‘World Travel'(?).

  17. I’ll admit I also bought this but as soon as I saw that the purchase wasn’t the promised software and would have to purchase it separately I Sent a ticket through clickbank for a refund. I’m sure it will work but for that price they would be better charging for a complete package and not one third of it and trying to upsell the complete package. If you wish to claim a refund on any item from clickbank you can do so by contacting their support system. Simply follow the link below:

    To make a claim, make sure you have your ClickBank receipt number handy (this will made up of 8 characters including letters and numbers i.e: XS5XX26X) your card details or the email address you purchased with to make a claim.

    Input the details and then click on the green ‘submit’ button.

    On the next page, click on the left hand graphic of a person and a question mark in a speech bubble which says ‘Click Here To Get Support’.

    From here you can choose a range of options from the drop down menu entitled ‘What problem are you having?’

    If the option you need isn’t present then click on ‘more options’ and you are given a choice of more options including refunds.

    Tick the ‘Refund Request’ option and leave a reason if you wish to.

    Hope this helps.

  18. Mexican FoolNo Gravatar says:

    I did it, I drop my credit card into this “product”, I just think if this is in the USA and clickbank it must be legal and a authentic opportunity, OK , I got to learn with this. I will continue working in my product to sell online and stop listening to Gurus, and going by the ETHIC way. Sorry for my poor english and Thanks a lot Silverysurfer you really help me.

  19. I am a tech and one of my clients bought this software but couldn’t install it on her XP machine because she was missing the .NET framework. I installed it on my computer and it went fine. I didn’t read the sales page, so don’t know what the hype was.

    However, the software itself was pretty cool. You just answer some questions (your review part) and within a few clicks, it’s posted to your wordpress site. Is it worth $37? Probably. The only video in the package was the author showing you how to use the software. In my opinion, he talks too much, but that’s what my client needed to hear (if it worked for her)

    She is now requesting a refund from CB because she can’t install it on her PC.


  20. I also brought this one. Let me tell you it is pure bull shit. He tells you everything that you already know. there is nothing new in it. Another thing he says is that to mail him for any doubts and he asks 48 hours for reply as there would be many mails. Let me tell you he has not replied to me till today. Let me tell you these people are too good in search engines and when we search about their product, we get only positive details regarding their product and hence we buy them. But all these positvie details are put by themselves in different names. You can see that when you go to their site and try to close, he gives you a discount and I tell you anybody who does this is a fraud. No one will be ready to sell their good product cheap. Just think about one more detail. How come all these Gurus are coming out suddenly and selling their products. What were they doing all these days when they were making money. why were they not selling to us when they were making money. So what does that say..?. It says that you cannot make money with this any more, so they are trying to sell this as money making product and cheating. Ofcourse money is being made. But it is them and we will never be able to make money with this. it is time that these people stopped cheating ordinary people like us as we are loosing our hard earned money and they are making good money by cheating us. They say they have already made money. So why cheat us now. Be happy with the money that you have already made.

  21. From all I have read about affilite marketing I think that 99%
    of the “info products” sold on click bank are pure trash.

  22. finally a REAL review site! hey, are there any traffic bots or traffic products out there that are really worth the money?? thanks, paul

  23. @paul

    Yes. For me personally, Commission Blueprint 2.0 is the best affiliate marketing course:

    Although it may be a little old nowadays. However, CB2 is now included in “IMA” membership program from Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey. These guys are the best internet marketers. 🙂

  24. @ Admin – tks I will look up the course

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