Push Button Cash Site

Push Button Cash Site is a course and marketing software from Daniel Young.

Landing Pages for WordPress

Push Button Cash Site software is supposed to drive free traffic to your website.

If you want to say something more about this product, do not hesitate to leave the comment below.

Before buying any product, remember:

  1. Never spend money you cannot afford to lose.
  2. Never use borrowed money.
  3. Do not believe that you can get rich overnight.
  4. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


  1. ElizabethNo Gravatar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Where is the review?
    This is your product review site, their is no review.??????
    You are sending me to the sales copy, which tells me what it is “not about”!
    Look forward to your clarification.
    Thankyou for your kind attention.

  2. @Elizabeth

    Currently no user has posted any comment about Push Button Cash Site here.

    If you look at other posts you will find user reviews about other products:

  3. Georgia HenshallNo Gravatar says:

    My experience is that I listened to the video explaining that Push Button Cash is very easy and can be set up in 3 minutes. I ordered it. Instead of being taken to the Download page, I got reams of more explanations of multitudes of other upgrades for many more dollars. I declined them all until the last one that was for $19.95. When I finally got to what was supposed to be the Download page, it told me that they have it on record, but it is not responding right now. I wrote to danielyoung.service[at]gmail.com, and informed him that the material was not available to me. I wanted a refund, if I would not be able to download the system. Then I decided try again, and I still got the same response (several hours later). I had to go through all the same propaganda to get to the same useless Download page. I was also told that there was only 1 more Download available, and I should order it immediately. I had already paid for it hours before and was not allowed to download it. I am thinking that Daniel Young is full of MUCH hot air.

  4. @Georgia Henshall

    Try contacting Clickbank for delivery issues:

  5. I just bought the product but not done completely. i have come to the offer of $97 for all 10 cash magnet websites and thinking whether to buy it or not. I googled ‘push button cash site’ and there’s 50 pages. I guess that is the website that we are going to build and promote.

  6. What is going on here? I see a Daniel Young AND a Michael Jones both claiming that Push Button Cash is their product. I see a RED FLAG immediately. Then I read on a blog, where all of these subscribers all set up their own blog promoting this same software! The only person benefitting is the owner of the software. Getting links and rankings. I have yet to read where one buyer has made one dollar with this software. IF ANYONE HAS MADE MORE THAN ONE DOLLAR, KINDLY INFORM READERS. I am getting fed up with greedy “gurus” who are insensitive to their list people, and are only interested in them buying more softwares, and provide no support at all.

  7. Re the above posts,I would like to add my poor experience with the Push Button Cash system.
    I too, ordered the Push button Cash system two days ago.
    The VERY lengthy up sell process took me finally to the download page where I was asked to put in my name, email etc and REGISTER to be able to enter the members area.
    The next page was supposed to tell me/generate my username and password to get into the members page.
    Funny that there were total blanks where those two rather important pieces of info were supposed to be. I then checked back to my email account at this point which had an email from ” Daniel Young” saying ” Thanks for your order etc then said my password and username would be sent to me in a separate email. However it is now day 2 and no such email has arrived. Have sent two emails to the support gmail offered in the email but no response as yet.
    I think this is a complete scam so will be seeking a refund asap.

  8. Doing transaction online suppose to be smooth and fast. Buyer should get the product as soon as he/she submit the order button. A seller trying to sell another product even before delivering the first product is after your money. He is not interested in helping you with your IM problem. My advice run away as fast as you can.

  9. I agree with all above . I have been working on this 3min. set up for weeks and have still to gain a penny. I am very dissapointed and would not recommend it too anybody. Just notice how people plug the system but offer no proof of success. They just merely clinging on to fact that if they can keep falsely convincing people thay will eventually get a kickback.Shame on all you online SOFTWARE GURU’S you make a living from cheating others!!!!!

  10. Thanks guys and gals! I had been seriously considering buying this, good to know its just garbage!

  11. sean carneyNo Gravatar says:

    i wished i had visited this blog sooner been suckered too been a total nightmare im bloody sick of people telling lies and being frauds.we all want to be successfull but these people pray on our ambitions .im sorry you all like me have been suckered i love the net but to much pond life swimming around .again hope you all find what your looking sincerely sean carney

  12. I had purchased the product about 3 x just to download the software to install on my computer. I thought the first time I had missed something that wasn’t able to download the system software. so I purchase again to do it right. WRONG now I got two site licences and no software to plug in..OMG sucked in thats for sure! I was told the same they will send me the password and username I had to find out myself by clicking the ‘forgot password’. so not cool

  13. Natalia HansonNo Gravatar says:

    My PBS is not working proper it is not letting me run articles base.
    2nd problem is it telling me that campaign is saved, but it is not in
    a list when I go to run them. Help me please!!! What can I do to fix

  14. DO NOT UPGRADE to wordpress 3.1 It’ll f*** up your Push Button Cash site. I also have problems with UNIX cron. Natalia, if you upgraded your wordpress, you may have to uninstall it and do it all over again. I had to, because I had the same problem. Also I had trouble with the UNIX Cron. IF you leave it on the wordpress psuedo-cron the automatic posts seem to work much better.

  15. Hello fellow victims of guru self servitude. I have invested about $350.00, which I had to beg, borrow, and steal. After a week in front of my computer I still don’t have this up and running. I can not contact Daniel Young, nor can I contact Everfprofit system. I would like very much to get a refund but how. Can anyone help!? I have a wife and two children and can not afford to be a victim of some heartless wanna be internet guru. I am at my wits end and in need of help from someone, anyone, PLEASE. Thank You. Patrick Hedrick at carlagaribay[at]hotmail.com


    Use Clickbank support:

  17. Have any of you out there noticed that these so called ‘gurus’ never call themselves that? And the always claim the other guys are running scams and their own product it the legit one. All the while they end up promoting each other somewhere else. And, just like our friend, Patrick Hendrick, it seems about 99% of these guys are unreachable when you need help since they send ‘no reply’ e-mails. Doesn’t say much for them all. Any comments out there? Pros and cons?

  18. trinityNo Gravatar says:

    i’m pretty sure that how they’re making money is by people buying their product. that’s what the traffic is all about. and getting rid of bad websites talking shit on them.

    anyway, who are YOU “admin”?

    the reason i figured this was a scam is by the furniture in the background of the video and daniel young. he’s not dressed too well and the furniture seems cheap. probably some video he made in his mom’s house. get rich quick scheme. what a shame. sorry about your mishap @patrick.

  19. KindacrazyNo Gravatar says:

    LISTEN UP, Folks, PBCS is a SCAM!! I failed IDIOT to this piece of garbage and spend one week and a half on getting a host name and then installing wp and PBCS. IT DOES NOT WORK. I have already requested a refund through ClickBank, and my recommendation is that you do the same. When I notified ClickBank of the situation, I also asked for the Head of their Risk Department, Tom Denig, but he has yet to reply. I also intend to notify the Federal Trade Commission and Google. My suggestion to you, is do the same. The only way things are going to happen is if you start complaining and at least try to get the authorities to investigate these scammers.

  20. hi
    why are so many people buying pbcs when you can get the same system completely free from free cash site , you go to there site and all the instructions are there in black & white plus all the links to the free software etc , you dont need to send any money to daniel young or anyone else for that matter , i have made 35 sites so far using this free system and its making a little money each week , not thousands but its ok (last week made £27.00) you can make as many sites as you want , it even tells you how to get the best keywords etc its the best one out there by a mile.
    email me if you want the link as i am not allowed to show it on this blog.
    dbolworld [at] hotmail.com

  21. I am very very disappointed, I bought the program and also upgraded to the $197 , I applied everything step by step and have generated no money at all, I have over 20 blogs floating around in all kinds of different niches, it’s been almost 3 months, oh and by the way for those of you that are wondering about a refund I tried and got no response, push button cash site has been changed around with other website names offering the same things all being run by the same super affiliates all which make money selling the software but not one actually makes any money using the software…these people know who they are I won’t mentiion any names DY and MJ…. what a joke !!!

  22. Thanks you guys for posting your experiences wirh Daniel Young’s scam. I’m about to purchase the product… Good luck to everyone!

  23. John ChildsNo Gravatar says:

    I bought this stuff also a few days ago also some upgrades. I knew it was not a good idea when all the upgrades and discount when I was just trying to get what I ordered. I still can not ghet the software to download and the other thing are in some kind of form that Windows can’t even find what I need to open.
    When I signed up with Clickbank I had to read several pages and agree not do what these very people are doing. I have purchased from 3 different people the last week and have had to ask for refund from all because they don’t deliver. Clickbank has gotten ny refunds but what I don’t get is how they became an approved vendor in the first place

    Just letting off steam

  24. It would have been a great tool but…:(…..I bought the upgrade for the multi-sites and it didn’t work. The tutorials are out of date and are nothing is working properly, I tried a few times to unistall and re-install the plugin just in case it was me but with no success “Push Button Cash Site does NOT work”
    I just asked for a refund from Clickbank at the link provided by admin post of March 4,2011 and was issued a refund no problem!..it was my first time asking for a refund!…Clickbank support did a great job!
    I will find some other tools for my website.
    Hope it will help others to do the same!

  25. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    I have been going 2 weeks of torture with Daniel Young’s PBCS. The problem is that the stuff doesn’t down-load. I am finally asking for a refund!. Maybe refund could be applied to this site after I pay my opthamologist for an eyecheck after trying to read the PBCS videos . The only good benefit is referal to this Multi-site place from PBCS!! DONATE!!!!!

  26. Simon SantosNo Gravatar says:

    hello everyone

    i purchased PBCS and I was able to download the program last april. From the time I got the software up till now I am unable to use it properly. I am receiving an error. I tried to email Daniel Young on the email add included on the response email that was sent to me. Up until now I still don’t have a response as to how I would be able to correct the error. I HOPE SOMEBODY CAN HELP ME.

    here is the error message

    Warning: curl_setopt_array() [function.curl-setopt-array]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in /home/ssantos5/public_html/wp-content/plugins/push_button_cash_site/includes/classes/plugin.class.php on line 279


  27. I downloaded the software but don’t know how to install it.
    Any help with this?


  28. Buzinezz2000No Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the information.

    What should YOU do CLICK BANK? Don’t let others down.

  29. Thanks for the information. I, too, was just about to order. Sounded too good to be true. LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!!! The scam, seems to me the same as the person above stated, is to get people like me to order this rediculous piece of garbage. And it looks like they Daniel Young and Michael Jones are making good money at this scam. Glad you all are telling it like it is. THANKS

  30. AndyHNo Gravatar says:

    i 2 brought the software had it for a month not made $1 as it had errors in the files.after emailing support for a solution i gave up after no response. and asked for a refund i sugest u all do the same.only way your guna make money in life is to get a job buy a lotto ticket and hope your numbers are up .

  31. AndyHNo Gravatar says:

    3 buisness days my refund appeared thanks to clickbank i sugest to others to not purchase this waste of time plugin its not software that u push a button on like they say its a web application that spams wordpress blogs.. only way anyone will make money is to 1 either get a job that pays well or buy a lotto ticket 🙂

  32. William HasenNo Gravatar says:

    I have been trying to follow the training videos provided by P B C System. I asked them how to down load the actual software system. They said the down load is noted between Video 1 and Video 2 but I originally didn’t do it then because it look to me the were promoting Brain Host which I think stinks.
    Today I tried to down load the system and then to do what the Video 7 indicates you should do. The video shows that you should install “push_button_cash_site_final_version.zip” into your word press plugin. It doesn’t work with WP 3.1. I asked for my money to be returned but they have stalled by giving me an extra 56 days to try the system.

  33. Tamras. SNo Gravatar says:

    I purchased the Push Button Cash software and installed it I fallowed all the training video’s I did built my on website Intel I got to plug-ins and contacts section I was unable to download anything on my site in less I pay for the upgrade multi site witch I did pay $204.30, and guess what I still wasn’t able to do anything with my site due to licence issue. Therefore, I just want to sent a message to all of you out there PBCS System is the biggest internet marketing scammer out there don’t get socked in and be victim as I did and now its time to get back and my pay pal account and request a full refund. I was just wondering how could Daniel Young AND a Michael Jones both claim that Push Button Cash is their product.

  34. rivkaclickNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, I followed a link from Jason Grim’s site to here because I am soo amazed that so many people are commenting on this product. Seriously, I spent 27.00 on it and it works great! I’m reading your comments and hearing about your issues, and it’s mostly user error stuff. Things you’re doing wrong. I made some of the same mistakes and either figured it out myself or got help from their customer service team. Which by the way, I understand came on new in May. So I’m sorry to hear about all your troubles, but I don’t think it’s the product. I installed it on WP 3.1 and it worked & I’ve done every WP upgrade and it still works.. You’re missing out, cause I am earning – not loads yet, but I see good money coming.

  35. Margaret HairsineNo Gravatar says:

    I have been struggling with this PBCS for weeks now and definitely do not think that it is anyway near as easy to install as promised – but I am still persevering. I too am stuck at the PBCS installation – I just don´t get the right information up. I suppost that even if we get our cash back, it won´t cover the Hosting fees, etc. Well, if the information really is cocha, then I have to say that quite a lot of it is given for the money. I did upgrade. I would like to reply to William that I had to ask Brain Host for help as the password they gave me would not work. I must say that they were brilliant in their help to me. In the end it was a case-sensitive problem which was thrashed out in their chat window. Well, it´s possible that the software is outdated, but I really think that the problem is a lot of people are not internet-savvy and it is marketed as too simple. Wish me luck….I´m going to try the Help Desk.

  36. Jorge GoniNo Gravatar says:

    I´m fed up of receiving all these e.mails about all these so called Gurus and Iluminatti as to how to make money here, there and everywhere…and I must say a couple of things:

    First: If all those Guros and Illuminated minds who send all these e.mails out really had the secret to making money on the Internet lets face it we are all humans, and you would not share that with anyone else, you would keep it for yourselve… so keep on trying my friends…

    Second: Affiliate programs, clickbank and all that “rubbish” again it is aknown fact that any person on the Internet before buying or adquiring anything will visit the manufacturers site through your affiliate links at least 6 to 7 times before deciding to buy, after 6 o 7 times and when he does decide do you think that the possible buyer is going to come back to your affiliate link to buy or will he go direct to the manufactureres site, what would you do?… In other words affiliate links are a load of rubbish…

    Plus, after many years on the Internet, been lied to, scammed, and now aware of all those know-hows who hide behind a pc to get to your pocket one way or the other be careful, think about the above before deciding to take anything on.

  37. thank you all bro and sis!

    you guys really changed my mind of not falling in a black hole.while i was on the page to enter my paypal account email an password i hesitate that it might be scam and let’s search in google and hear from others who downloaded this software.then i came here and read that noone has ever eared a box even.
    i am very gratefull to u all guys that saved my 47$ from mouth of such dogs.

  38. michaelNo Gravatar says:

    hey guys, does it mean there are no trustworthy guru on the internet? have tried Ewen Chia, review says his product is not as good as he claimed to be, trie Site Builde/Sell it the same report, tried IBN same thing and now this so calledPBCS. infact i have sent a like link to friends on facebook already.
    is it true one can make money online with all this lies and deceptions from people who claimed to have succeeded through IM. i’m really confused.

  39. cindy s.No Gravatar says:

    this stuff is a crock. its all too confusing. i cant even figure out how to get my money back. yes i was sucked in like everyone else. yes im stupid……..but i do want my money back. help…………………..

  40. Bought this product, but never got to the download page.
    tried to communicate with them but never received aan answer.
    Seems to be a scam to me…And somehow my clickbank acknowledge
    page disapeared so I don’t know my order number to get a refund.
    Better luck to anyone wanting to use this software.

  41. I heard the same from somone else. So you are not the first one to get the same thing. Sorry to hear that.

  42. I cant seem to get my content to auto post and I dont know why it is acting that way even though when I have already purchased the upgrade to the multi-site license, can someone help please!

  43. Can’t beleave I fell for this crap. DON’T BUT IT. CRAP DOO DOO

  44. ashton brooksNo Gravatar says:

    Can someone please send me some link to buy the license? I can’t find a place to buy the PBCS multi license. I agree the install is not for the faint or inexperienced. It does require host/db/server/php experience to do it correctly.

    It does work, but I need to buy that license! Anyone have the link where to buy it?

    Please help – ashtonbrooksmedia[at]gmail.com

  45. Nicholas emanoffNo Gravatar says:

    I have already tried for a day to download everything completely but for some reason the page is not showing up for it, I am very frustrated and my family is done with the push button cash site, it is complete bull sh** and it is sad when people have to go that low to scam other out of there own pocket! luckily my wife is bright and realized how fraud this site really is. Thank you for your guys reviews I will be getting a refund back immediately.

  46. CharlotteNo Gravatar says:

    I got all of those same responses when I tried PARTNER With Paul. Same concept as the push button site but different guru. In the partner with paul. I never got into the membership site. I paid 3 times thinking the firt two didn’t take or something. I couldn’t get ahold of anyone and I had to call the bank and cancel the charges. After I cancelled the charges I got all kinds of nasty emails lol.

  47. Just by looking at this JERK, I can see he is full of S#@T, His cheesy $5 jacket & eyes like weasel. I would knock his block off if I was lucky enough to meet him in that dark & slimy alley that he slithered out from! How can the Affiliate companies allow this? I think they must invest our money in day trade options, double it, quadruple it etc & then give us our refunds 7 -10 days later! Like a interest free loan, they are having a lend of us! Why else would they allow it? Everyone asks for their refund, I do & I know you do too! Why is this dishonest & deliberate deception tolerated by the authorities? I can not believe these parasites can get away with ripping so many people off. We are the ones who need a little extra money the most just to get by, feed the kids & pay our bills. This A-hole & others alike are the sole reason that tarnish the whole Internet Marketing industry reputation Don’t give up hope though, thankfully there are a few legit programs run by honest & good people. It just takes so long to sift through all that guru poo to find something good & true!


  49. anyone know how to get the money back.. is there any way I can call the bank and cancel the money from being sent?

  50. I too have been scammed. I tried to call the coach but the email is full scam artists galore don’t fall for it I called my credit as a fraudulent charge I did get my money back phew!!!!! I guess I am fortunate to have my credit help me to recover my money I have learned though

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