My Autoblog Business

My Autoblog Business is an autoblogging system from Brett Ingram. The aim of this product is to give people a complete done-for-you websites that can make money online.

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With My Autoblog Business you choose a niche and get keyword research, domain registration, blog installation and setup, unique content and backlinks for your website. In addition to that, you get iThemes Builder premium theme.

If you want to say something more about this product, do not hesitate to leave the comment below.

Before buying any product, remember:

  1. Never spend money you cannot afford to lose.
  2. Never use borrowed money.
  3. Do not believe that you can get rich overnight.
  4. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


  1. I hate to say this, but not only have I not received the product, but the “Think Big” support site or blog is outdated. Essentially, you have NO way to contact the seller and this is NOT a Clickbank product, so good luck getting your money back. As far as how well the product works, well since I never received it, I can not tell you. But, with the lack of support, you are taking a risk on buying this product.

  2. damien martinNo Gravatar says:

    I purchased my autoblog business and after 3 weeks never received my product.
    I looked for a refund friday and got it today. Very weird

  3. i am having the same problem i bought it 3 weeks ago and just received a refund with no product big waste of time, it as if they are trying to make interest out of everyones money that is pooled, very strange

  4. havent got the blog yet, hope i get it soon

  5. I purchased 2 AutoBlogs…I received one blog as promised,(during Pre-launch) however my AutoBlog still has their company (ThinkBig’s) Amazon affiliate I.D. information populated still after 6 weeks. Just promises to “hang in there” after each contact with support. They say it’s worth the wait to get it all right. I still cannot get WP login info to complete the bprocess myself. My other blog purchase one week after my original purchase has not been delivered or any notification that they are working on it.
    Support does answer, but no substance.
    I do understand if everything is done manually…it takes time (Haven’t they heard of Philiipines – outsourcing?)

    Great concept, but I cannot market this product at this time.
    Will keep you updated. Check back in 10 days.

    Here’s the only site they have up right now now, but please don’t buy anything from my site…they will get paid, not me…LOL… Now that’s sounds weird!

  6. I was actually planning to pay for this product. I was having high expectations about this offer. It’s good I visited this site. Now I will not go for this.


  7. My Autoblog Business ScamNo Gravatar says:

    My Autoblog Business Scam from Brett Ingram.

    I was referred to this ‘business opportunity’ by someone who I thought could be trusted.

    It was ordered near the end of November.
    I received the site at least a week ago, buy they have not updated the affiliate details to my own information, even though I emailed them everything they requested.

    What kind of business is this? It doesn’t make sense.
    Their customer service completely sucks!

    They went through all that hype and trouble to promote it, and now their business and name are tarnished. I’ll have to request a refund.


  8. I bought this product for a try last November and so far I am with those get sent with hang-in-there email. I may ask a refund in a couple of weeks before the 60 days expiry.

  9. Going on three weeks now! No blog yet, and no customer support Responding back.
    Possibly looking for a refund myself!
    Your set bet is to do a site yourself and buy your domain from go daddy. Good customer support.
    Lots of good tutorials for word press all over the Internet.
    Jerry Smith

  10. I’m having the same problem. We were referred to Brett Ingram from Michael Rasmussen. We sent the money via PayPal. As of today, 12/31/2010 we have not received any autoblog…just empty promises that they are going to send the product. I have put in a ticket to cancel the product and canceled with PayPal.

  11. DarrellNo Gravatar says:

    Ok…I’m back…my blog is up and running properly as of 12/31. My Affiliate links are correctly stored. Even getting some light traffic. I following everything (instructions) to the letter. Will give an update in 30 days on income derived from this blog. Still waiting on my second blog to be installed.

    p.s. …NOW you can buy from blog…


  12. My Autoblog Business Scam - UpdateNo Gravatar says:


    I just wanted to give an update to this post.

    I’m glad to say that I received an email from the Think Big Publications support team.
    It was very apologetic, and included my back-office access details to my blog.

    The required changes were made, although after checking, there was just one amendment that I had to do.

    It’s not 100% complete yet, but at least I can conduct my business with them and hopefully they can respond in a more professional and responsive way.


  13. i plan to buy this product , well i did try to make payment at 1st but i can’t make the payment due to some problem …so i contact the support team …and YES they did explain to me why i can’t make payment (after 8 day’s)

    but now i fix everything but i can’t make payment and the support team didn’t reply me after 4 week’s
    ,i agreed that this system support team are crap ,but its seem like they do thing manually (just saying)

    Well after read everyone comment its make me so worried , i’m just normal girl try to support my studies since i’m not capable to work out now ,
    So can you guys give some honest opinion please …


  14. Yeah, same story here; I ordered on Dec 2nd, and as of 1/3/11, no blog, no replies and support ticket system offline.

    The last ticket that I submitted on 12/22 which is pasted below, was completely ignored, and closed without them even replying to it!

    While I am happy for YOU that your launch was such a success, I would like to remind you that it has been 3 weeks since I ordered ONE blog, and I haven’t received it.

    Also, while I understand that you have an exceeding amount of work to do, the last update that I got was 8 days ago; the only time I get updates with information relevant to my questions as to when I will receive my blog, is when I submit a support ticket.

    I don’t know how many people ordered, but not one of them should be more important than any others, although I am not saying this is the case, just wondering it the people that ordered multiple blogs got pushed to the front?

    I would be curious to see how many people have already canceled their orders because they got sick of waiting, especially with no appreciable updates.

    Not trying to be negative, but I think that you can appreciate my stand on this. One month and still no product delivery?

    I think you should be posting weekly updates to anyone that has not received their blog(s) yet

    This is the ticket that I submitted today, Monday 1/3/11:

    Posted On: 01 Jan 2011 11:06 AM
    It is now the 1st of January, and I still have no blog, and I am coming up on a $19 hosting payment, for which I didn’t even get my product.

    What would YOU suggest I do, or position I take?

    You didn’t even acknowledge my last ticket, you just closed it without replying!?

    I think that I have been more than patient, and I think that you would have to agree.

    I want my $96 refunded IMMEDIATELY, now that we’ve hit the 1 month mark since I made my purchase.

    Please don’t send me some BS email, just refund me, and cancel my upcoming $19 hosting payment.

    Drew *********

    P.S. I am telling you that you need to cancel my recurring hosting payment before my cc is charged again on the 2nd. If my card IS charged, I will take all steps necessary to recover my funds. Maybe $19 isn’t anything to you people, but I am a 42 yr. old disabled vet since 1991, and I am on a fixed income. I need every penny that I get

    P.S. Usually when you submit a ticket, you get a confirmation email from the system; that is no longer the case because they obviously disabled that functionality, and as you can see, the support ticket system is ALWAYS “Offline”.

  15. @Darrell, @My Autoblog Business Scam ,

    Thanks for breathing a fresh air to the complains. I know a bit about the business model they are promoting and the reason why I joined is just to have a site that completely separate of what I’m doing (I outsourced articles and struggled on graphics for some of my sites).

    Hope to get mine soon.. 🙂 hopefully…



    or look for seller detail in Transaction Details

  17. I purchase my auto blog business 3 weeks ago (Dec !!) and I’m having the same problem with them.
    I am getting responses from their support ticket but still no package yet I’ll give it another week and see what happens. If not I’ll be calling paypal to get my purchase back.

    Thanks for reading

  18. i still havn’t receive my blog as of 01/05/2011 too! so, i call the better business bureau in connecticut. and give them the address for think big publication,llc. they was going to check the company out to see if it’s a possibly internet scam.. keep your fingers cross

  19. you all may want to wait alittle longer, it’s your choice. but, i figure they may not did any work between christmas and new year. i’m just guess at that

  20. if you want something done. then file a complain with the better business bureau of connecticut.
    they will notify them within two day. asking the company to response. to the complains made against them. brett ingram will have no choice. but, to responsed.. everyone who didn’t get a blog should go to the better business bureau-connecticut website and file a complain. it’s your money. i already did and give them think big publications,llc address and phone number and owner name ( brett ingram) he collected interest on your money,while you are waited on a blog. that you never got!

  21. Too bad I find this review blog after I paid the monies to the Brett Ingram Myautoblogbusiness. I paid the monies thru Paypal on 2nd of December 2010 and as of today no blog yet.

    Their support center at Thinkbig keep giving me excuses . For sure they don’t keep their promises. I gonna report this problem to Better Business Bureau of Connecticut!

    Over one month and still no blog delivery! Crap!

    I have enough of this !

  22. DarrellNo Gravatar says:

    It’s not been a week yet since one of my Blog went 100% live. I went back to the original sales page to see what we were promised. Here’s the list:

    Keyword Research – we find the highest volume, lowest competition keywords for your niche

    Domain Registration – we find the best keyword-optimized domain and register it for you

    Web Hosting – we setup your new site on our lightning fast, secure, state of the art servers
    $25 per month

    Blog & Website Install – we upload all the files, setup the database, and install your site

    Blog & Website Configuration – we install plugins and premium theme, and optimize all config settings

    Monetization – we add hot-selling, targeted affiliate products, CPA and/or Adsense to your site to make you money

    Content Posting – we make sure your blog has new content posted every day, including videos and blog posts
    $99 per month

    UNIQUE Content Creation – we create unique articles, podcasts, and videos to make your site stand out and skyrocket to the top of the search engines

    Building Backlinks – we syndicate your content and build links naturally from high authority sites, web 2.0 social bookmarking sites, and directories

    That’s what was promised. Thus far, my installed Blog is as delivered…late…very late, but none the less. I decided to listen to support and hang in there(6 Weeks). Yes, I even paid the hosting fee without having my site ready.

    After doing a little customization on my site, I realize it would WHY it would take a few to set these blogs up manually, one by one. It can be daunting, even if you know what you’re doing. I supposed they outsourced the work out.

    The demand was high for this product. I’ve coached many a people that you have to be prepared for success. ThinkBig clearly were not.

    No sale yet…very light traffic first five days(as expected). Make sure you do sign up for WOOPRA (very impressive site stats) That is, if you decide to hang in there. But I’m using it for my other blogs and site as well…I like it better that StatCounter.

    I joined MyAuto Blog to market the product. Not quite ready to do that. It may may close down the offer site before I get a chance to do that, however through it all…I’m actually considering gettin another.

    They are building the blogs correctly to bring the promises they presented. It does take time. But the rewards can be enourmous for this type of blog. What sets it apart is the UNIQUE Content Creation, Content Posting & Building Backlinks(properly) because TRAFFIC is the KEY. And the Biggie, “I literally don’t have to lift a finger for this blog…ever”

    If you can hold out…your blog will make you some money years to come. But don’t expect miracles in the money anytime soon.

    See ya in 3 weeks with my 1st production report. You all should have your sites up by then…

  23. @Darrell,

    Can you run using a tool to check if you really got quality backlinks for your blog?

  24. i wondering if they are doing the program first instead of the mytrafficbusiness cost $ 497.00 and myautoblogbusiness is only $96.00 per blog. they can’t be built both programs at the same time.

  25. if any one want to know, i was just e-mail from
    it said that the waited time is one week from today 01/07/2011
    it could be sooner but, this is a safe time frame.
    and they said they are going to adjust the billing cycle for the hosting charge. i guess i’ll find out one week from today and so will you. i will let you know what happen..

  26. i sent a ticket yesterday to brett ingram, they answer my ticket with the following

    Hi Robert,

    The current maximum wait time is 1 week from now.

    It could be much sooner but that is a safe time frame.

    We will adjust your billing for the hosting
    once you have your Autoblog.

    We greatly appreciate your patience.

    If you do not receive an email within 7 days
    from now, please reply back at that time.

    Thank you,

  27. My Autoblog Business ScamNo Gravatar says:

    Hi everyone,

    It’s good to know that at least the support team are sending or answering replies to all of you who have yet to receive your blogs and access details.

    I can truly understand your frustrations. Just hold on.

    @Darrell, it’s great that you are keeping a close eye on your blog(s) development.
    The fact that you also know what you are doing is a big bonus. Keep us updated with your progress?

    I’m also watching what’s going on and will make a decision about doing my own promotions (even though I don’t have too!).

    Take care, everyone.

  28. Here are 4 lies of their sales pitch:

    1. 48 hours – lie
    2. 3-7 days on membership – lie
    3. all blogs to be ready by the end of secember – lie
    4. adjust hosting only when blog is available – lie
    5. 1 week after January 1st to deliver the blog – lie

    Brett Ingram is just a lover of lies….

    He will deliver perhaps basing on mytrafficbusiness….but only after spreading so many lies

  29. I joined this on 11/30/2010 and still have not received my blogs and ended up paying the $19.00 hosting, after sending them a ton of emails and ended up getting the same old message it will be ready in 1-7 days or some crap after nearly waiting a over a month now i got a message back from them as below..


    Your Autoblogs are complete.

    If you haven’t done so, please reply back to the email you received from ‘’,
    if you have, they will reply back to you shortly and then your order is totally complete!

    If you haven’t received that email, it’s on it’s way.

    No further action or response is required from you at the Support Desk as the next step is done
    via email.

    Thank you,

    The only thing is i havent received a email from them yet and i have sent them 2 already, i will hang in there up too the 60 days period, i just wish something would actually work for once !!

  30. Ohh, Guys,

    Can you please copy and paste any information regarding autoblogs updates back here so we can all stay in the loop.

  31. Got mine today after after more than 30 days. But I wouldn’t consider this mine until they send me my login information.

  32. What I’m really curious about is how their team do the promotion. I look at the site they’ve made for me and the competition is huge based on the domain selection alone. We’ll I’ll be happy to be proven wrong…

  33. I bought my blog on 11.29.2010. And I did got it after 10 days,but it’s still not working properly!They said that it’s all done for you,all you have to do is edit your affiliate,I did that,but in the process,I saw their was an error in their instruction video on how to do it.Don’t know did any of you noticed that,but there was three amazon id-s that needed to be changed,not two,like they said.I asked them what to do,and they did answer very quickly to change them all.Right after I did that,two of the amazon ads turned into that little “get amazon widgets”.went to support again,they said just needs some time to update -…15 days passed and am still having the same problem,but the support is not answering any more!Finally,just recently they set up a knowledge database with an answer how to fix that,but I bought this blog because it’s all done for you,and now I am suppose to do two amazon ads myself,widgets,products,everything. In the meanwhile,adsense ads completely disappeared from my blog! -and,support just closed my ticket about it without even replying the usual polite bs. oh,and I had zero visitors to this day on that blog!my second recurring monthly hosting is coming up soon. I think am gonna ask for a refund. -I am very disappointed with their service and I had really high hopes about this one. You can check out the state of my blog here and see for yourself. -and hey,you’ll be the first to visit it!

  34. Guys,

    I checked your blogs for analysis and the only improvement I found is it’s index by Google 🙂

    Still it has broken links and a couple of backlinks which is not quality as promised.

    Time to refund guys.

  35. This so called Brett Ingram has taken my money as well. I have been sending support tickets everyday from January 10th and no one answers…. I want my $96.00 back! I work too hard for my money.. Does anyone have Brett Ingram’s home phone/cell phone number? I am serious!!!! I want my money back from this douche bag!!!!

  36. Hey again! need advice. the support finally answered (and I was just ready to ask for a refund),and they fixed my adsense ads,still have to do amazon widgets myself. am not sure what to do now -refund or pay another $19 and lose any chance of refunding it- … can anybody tell me,what is your opinion about this blogs,are they worth it??? I mean,is this thing going to produce any money? @J.B. judging from your last comment,it isn’t worth it,right? refund,definitely???

  37. @Nadjina,

    That depends on your domain keywords and competition you’re in. If your domain is in low competition, you can still have your blog for sometime and see how it goes. You can get a free tool (hopefully this is still available for free) here and check your domain name keywords.

    The keyword they chose for me is prohibitively competitive. That means it would almost be impossible to hit the first few pages and ranking in Google.

    But having said that I am waiting for them to fix the broken links. Once that all done and they start promoting, I’ll wait perhaps another month and see how they go about backlinking.

    With the time I spent waiting for the product, I better off promoting the site itself rather than refunding. Maybe I’ll do that in a month. Perphaps with Pragmites or Web2Mayhem. But that all depends if they fix the broken links. There is no point promoting the blogs if the links are broken. To check this, try to click the page, tags or comments and see if you’re getting HTTP error.


  38. @J.B. thanks! I did check my keywords,and they are strongly competitive. And yes,broken links.
    -I asked for a refund while i still had the time for that and they answered surprisingly fast: my refund is coming in 24-72 hours.
    Still,I am wondering is it going to work for you guys who are sticking with it.
    Hope you will post your hopefully successful story’s here! 🙂 -If that will be the case,I could buy it again! Who knows,maybe they will fix their service by then.

    Regards to everyone!

  39. I too saw first hand what this is all about. Sadly I was excited when I ordered, and just ofer the first month (after my $19. Hosting) I got the link (but NO access info). Every link on the page was broken, I managed to get Woopra configured as well as most of the affiliate links, but then asked if they could do it after i had problems. They said it would only be 5 minutes to change and two weeks later no change.
    Now after a month and a half I have a blog with half my affiliate links and half theirs, every link on the page is broken, so I requested a refund. They said the links were not required or part of the offer, so I was delevered a half working blog. I have seen NO traffic activity on Woopra, and I am glad, it would be an embarrassment to send someone to this blog.

    I DO NOT reccomend this product.


  41. UPDATE:

    Okay, when I requested a refund, I got it right away. I did so within the review time frame. The blog has been on line for about 2 Months now and after checking Woopra not one hit to the page.

    It is still on the internet and i havn’t even bothered to try and log into the admin section. I am glad this one is over.

    Again I do NOT recomend this product.

  42. Hi all,

    I received a support reply from Think Big Publications on January 29th as follow:-
    Informing that every Auto blog purchases have now been completed.
    If the order has not been filled, then it means that the customer did not supply a niche for them and now they have emailed individuals requesting the niche from every one involved.

    In which I sent a response message that the links is yet to be fix.

    Looks like they have a standard procedure of completing all the blogs and maybe all the broken links will be fixed after that point. Nevertheless, it is just a guees.

    What do you think?

  43. Hi again!
    It seems that buying this blog has brought me nothing but problems. I am still waiting for my refund,and to make things even better,yesterday they charged me another $19 hosting fee!!!
    Here is the mail I received yesterday from them:

    Sorry for the delay.

    You’ve been fully refunded.

    No further action is required on your part.

    Thank you,

    But,they’ve neglected to mention that in the same day they charged my credit card again-I guess that was their way of saying goodbye!
    right now,I am expecting to wait for another 5-10 days for them to respond to my another support ticket,and approximately the same amount of days for things to maybe be completely resolved and then maybe even my refund!
    Honestly,I wouldn’t trust this guys anything anymore.
    Have any of you who reported them to Better Business Bureau of Connecticut got anything from that?

  44. Hi Guys,

    I got my auto blogs about 3 weeks ago all my IDs are working clickbank,amazon,google adsense etc, but there are things not working on my blog and i get a 404 message in my comments section, in my wordpress admin area i can see all the comments that have been made by other people,which shouild mean traffic right ???

    Getting traffic isnt going to come over night, and backlinking is going to take at least 3 months before we get any real results, but hey its Feb already, i suggest to hang in there and let them iron out the bugs before you jump ship…

  45. wealthseekerNo Gravatar says:

    I signed up for an autoblog almost 3 months ago (which I received in good time albeit incomplete) so I suppose my time for expecting to see something take shape is nigh.

    One thing I remember seeing advertised was to “sign up as an affiliate and promote the service”. Did anyone actually receive the link for that or am I missing something?

  46. UPDATE:

    It’s been One full month with my site ( ) up and running
    I did no website promotions. I only change the header, because the default header would not load and added a couple of CJ vendor’s ads.

    Just letting it run as proposed in the market videos…
    Here are my Jan. 1 to Feb. 2 Analytics results via Woopra.
    Visitors: 44 Visits: 55 Actions: 61 – From 14 countries (USA-18) – 40 different cities
    Visit Durations: 0-1 minutes (21) – 1-5 Minutes (16) – 5-10 minutes (7)
    All visits entered and exited through home page
    (25) visits from this blog, (5) visits from Google Search
    Biggest day (6) visits, so the Avg. is a bit more that 1 visit per day.
    I was hoping… but I did not expect much more the first month. I have another blog that started out similar as most blogs do and I reached up to 1200+ visits per day & thousands of backlinks within 4 months and a Google rank of 4 (that was with some site-promotions)…it is a video site also. That was my attraction to this system. I’ve experienced what video-based sites can do.

    Of course the niche matters… camping equipment is not a sought after item in the winter…lol. I knew that going in. But I expect huge results when I apply my marketing methods to this blog. I cannot afford to wait for only their efforts. This was an experiment for me. As I’m always looking at automation for time sake. A lot of these niche blogs can be a chore setting up, that’s why they market well to we who look for short cuts to profits.

    Underdstand, no blog is built in a day. If you want to get there faster, you have to put some effort in it. I believe they did mention that in their marketing and training videos.

    When I’m done, I expect to make $ 200 – $400 per month from this niche, but mostly during the vacation months. I will default to winter activities when that period expires…That’s my plan.

    I’m in the process of setting up other popular niche blogs from another vendor. It’s more hands on, video tutorials, but extremely low cost and no separate monthly hosting. Very nice blog themes also.

    Hope this helps, one way or the other.

    As for Affiliate promotions of this vendor. Unless your experiences were good, I would shy away.
    Always stand by your promotions!
    It’s unfortunate, but remember… we don’t hear from the people who have had positive experiences as much, but they are out there.

    I will begin my website promotions of this blog today and review in 30 days. I will measure how it stacks up to my new profit blogs, I mentioned earlier.

    Talk soon…working on the broken links…lol

  47. wealthseekerNo Gravatar says:

    Has anyone else found that:

    – the header image of their blog doesn’t load?
    – the webpages (widgets or vids) on the second row never shows?
    – the comments section of the videos don’t work?

    Apart from that it’s a professional looking blog delivered in good time but things seem to be standing still for a long time now.

  48. wealthseekerNo Gravatar says:

    Then, I think I know the business psychology behind this.

    Come across very accommodating to begin with, respond quickly to questions, produce a super looking autoblog within 3-5 days …. then abandon.

    The customer is left with a lingering good impression right?

  49. I’ve also been scammed. I ordered my blog and got it 4 days later, no big deal right? wrong. It’s just the beginning. It took them 10 extra days to finally provide my login info. Then when I finally had access to my blog I noticed that the “comments” and “next page” links don’t work. I complained and I got an email basically saying that’s not part of the deal. Not only that, all of the posts were just copied from youtube. Even the text was copied from the video description. After being frustrated for a few days I put in a ticket for a refund on feb 20. I got no response, but my card was charged $19.00 a couple of days later, smh. I’ve been putting in tickets every 2 days since then and I haven’t received any response. I did a little bit of research on think big publications and I found a number: 203-685-4957. I refuse to lose my hard earned money to this guy, and now he’s gonna have to deal with consequences. I’ve gone through their bullshit support center, and now i’m going to call brett himself. If that doesn’t work, next stop is the BBB. If that doesn’t yield results then he will have to deal with my lawyer. I over estimated this guy, and now he’s underestimating me. If this sounds personal right now that’s because it is. He stole my money. He stole your money. Bad move Brett, bad move. It’s on.

  50. My Autoblog Business ScamNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for coming back and keeping us posted since I last posted in early January.

    I wish everyone all the best, and those that received their blogsite(s), it really depends on what you want to do with it…i.e. lemons and lemonade comes to mind.

    @Darell, it would be great to hear from you again with any updates?
    I mainly use mine to guide me how to set up my own blogs.

    @Greg, I do wish you well with progressing your complaint.
    I’m particularly interested in how you will get on by informing the BBB?

    I will be contacting them myself about another marketer (not Brett), who happily took my money and despite frequent direct reminders, reneged on his coaching side of the deal.

    Have a blessed day everyone!


  51. Hello guys,

    I have been patiently since three months ago hoping that somehow this sort of investment could yield profits or at least give some hope that it works.

    But now, I am fed up. All I see is broken link whenever I click the permalinks, comments and other links. To date I have sent them 7 message to the Support Centre but all add up to my disappointment!

    Obviously this Brett Ingram don’t care anymore since he already got your money. Actually steal your money! and my money too!

    Brett Ingram Myautoblogbusiness is really a scam. Pirate of the online marketing!

  52. Wow – THANKS guys for posting here. I was seriously thinking of ordering this product. So glad I did a search for reviews on it, first! You guys saved me $$, time, and much frustration, I think.

  53. Julie @ Internet Marketing InspirationNo Gravatar says:

    Wow! Amazing set of comments to follow my original comment above. I just want to give a HUGE kudos to iMarketingWire for leaving all these comments up. All of the other “review” sites did not approve my comment for obvious reasons – no one would buy through thier affiliate link. That is sleazy and dishonest in my opinion. So BIG HUGE thanks for allowing these honest comments to be displayed on your site!

    My update: I finally got my money back but it was through the dispute process through PayPal. If you are really set on getting an “autoblog” look elsewhere!

  54. wealthseekerNo Gravatar says:

    Trouble is most of us have looked elsewhere and found exactly the same old story over and over again; the usual colourful sales letter with video at the top, the same discount offer if you click away with the same predictable money-back guarantee at the foot of the letter.

    They say 97% of these affiliate schemes are scams, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s 100%.

    What would be original is if they offered the program or software for FREE and ONLY pay for it when you are making money. What would they have to lose if they are so convinced that you WILL make money? Surely a mere $47 would be chicken feed if you were making thousands each week?

  55. I was still looking what would happen eventually to Bret et al. The site is now closed. The best thing that could happen to them is that they’ll be give cease and desist order.

    I refunded my money but that’s after a long frustrating month wait.

  56. Hi Everyone

    I just spoke to Paypal, even though my case is over 45 days. (I’m very patient, but also have been too busy). Normally, they can’t help you if it’s been over 45 days that you paid, but when I gave him the link to this page and told him about the rest of you that were scammed, he extended my case up to 180 days. I bought my original blog on Nov 29 and received it Jan 18, (just discovered the broken links, after reading this).. Then bought another one around the same time and haven’t received it yet. My tickets were closed, as well. So I have over $200 in this. The paypal agent told me to file a complaint to the following website:

    You can all do this, as well, if you want.

    Thanks for all of the updates. Glad that someone (Darrell) is making progress.

  57. wealthseekerNo Gravatar says:

    I cannot believe how Brett Ingram is now releasing “My Traffic Business v2.0” when even “v.1.0” wasn’t satisfactorily completed with any happy customers!

  58. Unfortunately I have experienced the same fate as fellow subscribers, and have been dissapointed with the poor level of service. All I have is broken links and no reponse to any of my emails and link for the blog, which is now also dysfunctional.

    I feel that either I havebeen subjected to an internet scam or that you are not bothered to respond and cater for the needs of your customers.

  59. SusieNo Gravatar says:

    He has a new one out now it seems – Traffic Blog Empire
    Anyone know anything about this one?

  60. I too have been scammed. On November 3, 2010 I ordered 2 autoblogs. I only ever received one. I sent a support ticket with all the supporting evidence to prove my order they said I had not provided the required details so refused to do the second autoblog or give me a refund. The blog I did receive has no header/title, broken links, they refuse to answer any of my support requests and have the audacity to charge me for hosting 2 autoblogs!! Does anyone know how I can cancel that hosting, it is not done through Paypal and they have my account number and support won’t answer my request.

  61. Jermaine P.No Gravatar says:

    They sent me an email that said my refund was posted. I went to check my statement still hasn’t showed up. Mind you I brought this product on November 15. I realized after awhile that it would be more of a burden trying to market it. When I saw the ad for this product the idea of having a blog that I knew would work for me and not against me was something I looked forward to. What I got was a registry cleaner blog. I don’t know much about this niche and was not interested in doing so. I thought I would have a choice in the matter or else I would have not brought this product. In order for someone to really get out there and get their blog seen and heard about a person has to really be able to get the right content together. It’s not to say that this could not be outsourced but it was just a topic that I didn’t want to research nor do all of the other SEO for. So I asked for a refund because I was not going to waste my time on another hopeless IM dead end. It has been since December 7 when I first asked for a refund. They told me that the refund was taken care of on the 12th of December but it had not shown up in my account. Then today December 22nd they are just now saying I have a refund for which I just checked my Bank account online and it is not showing that this is the case. I know it was said to be sent today but I would think a record of this would be online even if it was just pending. I will try to be patience which is what I was already doing but this rubs me the wrong way. I am sick and tired of these IM guys. This is what messes things up for everybody because it gives this otherwise great business opportunity a bad rep and in return the average person never succeeds. People like this should be put on an IM black list. This should be a place where all the people who scam online get put and whenever someone wants to buy a product they can go there and see just how sleazy the person is. I want my money back and Brett needs to go back to his day job. IM is not for you buddy. Hang it up and get a nice desk job. It’s Christmas time for crying out loud. What are you some kind of Scrooge? It doesn’t make sense to take people’s money not deliver and then make them make you give them their money back. I kinded feel like I’ve been punked by a bully who is daring me to get my money back from him. I will post back when I can confirm that I have been properly refunded.

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