Commission Maniac

Commission Maniac is the marketing software from Craig Kaye.

Landing Pages for WordPress

Commission Maniac is supposed to automatically find good keywords, create a website and build backlinks to it.

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Before buying any product, remember:

  1. Never spend money you cannot afford to lose.
  2. Never use borrowed money.
  3. Do not believe that you can get rich overnight.
  4. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


  1. Hello,

    I would like to tell you my experience with CM. I purchased the product and I attempted to use it for almost 3 weeks. The concept is a very good one. And it did do some of the things promised. But my experience was not a good one. When my blog was built the software did go to my hosting company (they recommend hostgator) and I already have hostgator. The software did indeed login to my cpanel and it looked as if it was registering my domain. When I went to view my site there was a generic site there with none of the information the software was suppose to provide. When I clicked on certain pages on the site I would end up at a site like or some other site that was ACTUALLY a page on the site the software built for me. I contacted hostgator and I asked them to take a look at the domain and they told me I needed to add-on the domain. This is something the software is suppose to do for you. So I did but with negative results. Hostgator investigated further and they told me a piece of code (I think that’s what they said) was missing. They told me the data looked as if it was some sort of demo and it would not work. I remember now, they told me my config file was not correct.

    My next adventure was contacting their technical support group. I submitted 5 tickets and one got answered. The answer I got from one of my tickets was pretty generic. They told me to do something I had already done. Then the other tickets were closed without having been responded to. I was shocked!!

    In all fairness they do tell the purchaser of the product to be patient concerning when the technical support group will respond to anyone who submits a ticket. The thing that probably disturbed me the most was while being patient I was getting clicks on my site and because the software did not have my site monetized I don’t know for sure but I could have lost possible sales. I was very disturbed. I attempted to login into WordPress to monetize the site myself (the software gives you a login and password to logon to WordPress) but the login and password provided did not work. I waited 4 days for a response to the last ticket I submitted before I finally gave up on the product since my 30 day guarantee was winding down.

    In conclusion I believe once the bugs are fixed with CM this product will be good for any IM marketer especially some one who is new at it. The software promises a bunch of very good things, when done, will eventually get you sales. The training material is excellent. The ideas given for niches is also excellent. I will probably wait a couple of weeks and actually purchase the product again. Hopefully they will have copies available and hopefully it will function as advertised. But in this game we all know time is money and when you move too slow you lose money. And that was my adventure with CM.

  2. I purchased CM on April 21, 2011. I watched all the video tutorials, purchased my domain names through Godaddy, purchased the baby hosting plan (unlimited websites) with Hostgator, entered the hostgator nameservers on my Godaddy domains and proceeded to install CM. Everything went smoothly except Norton Antivirus kept quarantining CM thinking it was a virus (compilebot). I manually set Norton to ignore the software. NOTE: The latest version of CM fixed that problem. In all fairness, CM did what it claimed insofar as setting up, creating, and stacking lots of content, affiliate links into the website. However, the claims of overnight income is exaggerated. After over 4 weeks and 5 websites (each in a different niche), I have not one sale and no traffic. I tried submitting the domains to adsense and Google shut down my Adsense account for policy violations. Maybe it just takes much more work. Since I already have the software, it doesn’t cost me anymore to keep trying. For reference, my websites are as follows:,,,,, .
    As you can see, I have created many sites. None of them has produced any income to date. If anyone has had similar experience, please let me know.
    In passing, the website platform, WordPress, is very powerful. I have learned how to manipulate the posts in the website to add links to the text and create much more powerful post articles…alas to no avail. Nothing has worked. However, CM cost me only $37, pocket-change. I will just Keep Trying.
    Good Luck,
    The Chemist

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