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Auto Commission Bot is a software from Ian Ross. The software was created to generate traffic to your website.

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Like some other previous similar products that was sold on Clickbank, Auto Commission Bot creators does not reveal the method of how the software works until the launch. But it is supposed to be easy to use and deliver the results.

If you want to say something more about this product, do not hesitate to leave the comment below.

Before buying any product, remember:

  1. Never spend money you cannot afford to lose.
  2. Never use borrowed money.
  3. Do not believe that you can get rich overnight.
  4. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


  1. Hi

    It is supposed to be the product of a guy named michael Pieterson, but there is no software as such, training videos are just a dead link, no response from support. If Ian Ross is behind it then it is a scam just like he scammed everyone with Turbo Profit Sniper! It is sold via Plimus which also indicates the involvement of Ian Ross, due to an investigation by clickbank over his TPS he is probably banned as a vendor for any future scam launches!!

  2. This product is a SCAM. I purchased it and was told I would be getting a link to the software…the links go NOWHERE…it’s a dead end. I requested a full refund immediately. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  3. Hi

    I was a stupid fool, I purchased the product. And yes, did not received the licence details within 48 hours as they promised. Get no responses from emails directed to Michael Pietersen. Left messages on Plimus and NOTHING. I was beginning to think this is a scam and clearly this is. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. My husband recently passed away from a cancer. So here I am, a single mother of two, trying to find something extra to make ends meet (going from a two income to now a single income home is not easy). These sharks will get their day.

  4. Hi

    I recently to bought this product. Have not received the licencing details within 48 hours as promised. No response from Michael Pietersen to my emails sent, neither from Plimus who is their customer support team. SCAM!!!!!!! OF NOTE!!!!!!!

  5. Has ANYONE in this thread ever received the link?

  6. Bruce RaynerNo Gravatar says:

    I bought this 10 days ago plus the upgrade.Today I got my money back thru Plimus.The upgrade was quite a bit extra but like the software didnt eventuate.To claim a refund there is a link in the Plimus invoice, use this. If that fails open a dispute claim with Paypal if you paid this way, need to do this within 45 days. Hope this helps Geunae. There is a lot of crap being peddled right now, lot of it from
    England. If I buy from an unkown to me vendor I will put in a support ticket for something reasonably simple, if no reply by day 4 then claim for a refund as experience has told me no point in wasting more time.

  7. Hi,

    I want to Thank all of you for warning me about this product.
    I almost bought it before I found and everyone that takes the time to tell others what’s going to rip us off, and waste our time. I don’t have either one to spare.

  8. thanks for your reviews. I’m getting weary on all these programs. I’m going to buy physical books where I can see the contents before I buy and nothing comes easy as these scammers promote. If it’s SO good why would you tell others? I don’t get a call from Rupert Murdock telling me how he can make thousands in a month! You need to study and learn it yourself and have a go! Good luck all….

  9. I did get the software and the user guide and the vdeo showing you how to set it up, you have to look for it but it’s in the file. My problem was not following thru for weeks mostly due to recovering from surgery BUT no excuses cause I just let it sit around to much. NOW however when I was stuck (because it was difficult for me as a “newbie” to understand what to do) I asked for help and also got NONE. My 1st request was on December 14th 2010 and nothing happened until Dec 25th when the issue suddenly appeared (in the support section) as “solved” and closed. I contacted Plimus yesterday cause I’m still with in my 60 days but Plimus says they have a 30 day refund policy! I still have my doubts about these products being nothing but scams and intend on following thru anyway till I get some results. I have to make a more serious effort at proving the product before I can discard it. I only bought the 67. sofware, no upgrades because Mr. Pietersen said it worked. I just found this IMmarketing yesterday!

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