AffiloJetpack is a new internet marketing product from experienced and respected marketer Mark Ling. He is the creator of successful AffiloBlueprint 2.0 course and educational website

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AffiloJetpack is a package of ready made affiliate websites. With AffiloJetpack you will get:

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  • Option to select 5 of 10 niche websites. These niches were selected as the ones with the highest potential for affiliates.
  • 80 quality autoresponder newsletters per niche, which are organized into one year sequence. These email newsletters are written by Mark Ling himself.
  • 3 e-books per niche that can be given away.
  • Custom WordPress theme that is completely newbie friendly.
  • 20 high quality articles that may be used on affiliate websites.

Because of enormous success of the AffiloBlueprint 2.0, AffiloJetpack also should make a great buzz on the internet, because it is created on top of the successful business formula.

If you want to say something more about this product, do not hesitate to leave the comment below.

Before buying any product, remember:

  1. Never spend money you cannot afford to lose.
  2. Never use borrowed money.
  3. Do not believe that you can get rich overnight.
  4. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


  1. Brandon AuNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, here is my personal view about Affilojetpack. As an user I can say that this is probably one of the most complete packages that someone would be able to get for an affordable price. Indeed, getting someone to build a nice looking website or to write great content would cost you a lot more than the course itself (Plus you may not be sure about the quality of your own content).

    Indeed, Affilojetpack does a good job in getting you on track fast, saving you quite a lot of time and energy, and giving you more than enough skills to survive in this competitive Internet Marketing world.

    So that is just my personal view. Please also watch my Youtube video for more info:

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