A Few Favorite Links Building Tactics

This is a guest post by Neil Jones

Links has become an addiction, well for me at least, and like any addiction you always want more, you want try new tricks to get you more links, you want to know what others are doing to get their links, it never ends. So I thought I put together a list of my favorite link building and why I use them.

I guess most of these types of posts begin with the old favorites, article submissions, blog comments, directory submissions and I guess you know the rest, but for this article I want to look at some different types of link building. I won’t go into great detail, but hopefully instead I’ll give you just enough information to spark your interest to do a little more research.
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Tips for Developing a Business Plan

This is a guest post by Mark Rodgers

The best business launches with a sound plan that provides all of the instructions for reaching the place of success. It starts by explain the purpose of the business. The business plan provides a map that gives guidance for the direction the business will take. It also lays out all of the necessary elements for elaborating on the business to potential investors or lenders.

Developing a business plan does not have to painful or overly tedious. It should be done with as much information as possible. The more that can be explained and set forth in the business plan then the easier it will be to put the elements in place for making the business a success.
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4 Ways to Build Relationships in the Online World

This is a guest post by Philip Rudy

As a web site owner, it is important for you to know that one of the most important things you can do is to build relationships with other web site owners. these type of relationships will benefit your web site immensely and it will be difficult with out the help of some online “friends” to succeed with your web site. Online relationships are important for Internet marketing and they will help you gain more exposure than if you completely shut everyone else out in the online world. In the real world this is called public relations. On the Internet it’s called social networking, link building, and getting involved with your online community.
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