Types of Blog Posts for Internet Success

This is a guest post by Neil Jones

Blogging is the short form of web logs or writing blog posts, a highly popular method of communicating with people anywhere and everywhere. Blog posts are being used by businesses to promote their business through a personalized interaction with customers, or by individuals wanting to share their views and beliefs with the world at large or a close circle of friends.

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Blogging comes in many different shapes and forms, here are some of the most popular:

  1. Posts of Resource Lists – many websites have teams that are surfing the net looking for new updates, information, resources and tools, which they then share with their audience to help them in their blog posts. These resource lists place a wealth of information in the hands of the reader, about websites, plug ins, expert comments and so on, all of which are enriching and give reason for introspection and improvement. Resource lists posts are always beneficial and helpful.
  2. Posts with Interviews – Interviews with experts and well known personalities are always a pleasure to read and hear. If their conversation and comments are even remotely related to the niche segment the blog belongs to, it will have an impact and add value. Interviews provide insights into the minds, the thinking, beliefs, convictions and views of icons who enjoy mass appeal. An interview post will enthrall readers and provide an opportunity to use this opportunity to popularize a new product or seek comments etc from readers. Interview posts would of course mean taking interviews and then publicizing the contents.
  3. Guest Posts – These can have a huge impact since everyone would like to read an authority’s view or perspective. The person to write the guest post must ideally be an expert in his field and would ideally steer a lot of traffic to your site from his own network of admirers or followers. A guest post could even come from a reader who has something meaningful to share. And he will do his bit to spread word about his post. This helps the blog gain popularity.
  4. Posts with Top Lists – Top lists posts are very information rich, giving details in a quick and crisp style. Since they are easy to read, they are popular and sought after, and lists are easiest to follow. Such posts invite traffic in multiples and meaningful ones are shared and passed on. Everyone would love to read about 10 Best apps, 20 top gadgets and so on, since it provides them with information on contemporary issues.
  5. Posts that are promotional – Promotional posts are an effective way to spread word about a liked product which will benefit consumers since they needn’t look around, and the producer since he gets a targeted clientele. These can be monetized by asking for a commission for every product promotion exercise through the blog post.
  6. Reviews – Posts with reviews are similar to promotional posts because these are also monetized and can yield additional income. A product review is a short cut for the reader who gets all the tips he needs, and the producer benefits since it helps to get him more customers through a good product review. Ideally products that belong to the niche segment of your blog should be reviewed, since it promotes the name of the blog as well in that niche and provides a reputation of expertise.
  7. Debates – These are sensitive, but done right, they could bring in a lot of traffic. Debates are preferable if both sides are stated, since one side would give a lopsided perspective, which could sometimes back fire. Neutral stands are the way to go.
  8. Video posts – Videos are enjoyed by all and if they are specifically connected to the same niche as the blog, all the better. Videos help readers relate to issues and incidents and become a real crowd puller in terms of traffic.
  9. Charity posts – though not very frequently noticed charity posts promote a social cause, which if posted on the blog can create an awareness and build a reputation about the business as being concerned about issues for larger good than just making money. It certainly helps to improve traffic.
  10. Posts that teach through Tutorials – Tutorials are sought each time an inexperienced person wants to learn something, a new concept, a device or gadget or software. The blog that offers advice and even allows the reader to get back with doubts and queries, will see more traffic.
  11. Case studies as posts – These posts relate to studies conducted on a particular company, business or other issue where the history of the case is analyzed and presented. It could have an impact on the blog by directing traffic towards it when it is about products and services or businesses related to the blog.
  12. News posts – these are always sought since every reader is news hungry. News is posted on magazine style blogs , and the intention is to be the first to be the one to post the news, and do it right, so that the blog is passed on as a link and more traffic is directed towards the blog.
  13. Hosting competitions – this is a great way to attract traffic since most people love competitions for the prize, the fun of participation and other reasons. Competitions are addictive for readers and once they start they keep returning for more, so blog sites would have to keep on having competitions to sustain the traffic.
  14. Images and picture posts with a caption, a message or a note appear attractive, and these images are passed on to others, leading to a lot of traffic to the site, through affiliate links posted.
  15. Reporting – such posts report real life instances when money is made through online techniques and sharing such experiences tempts hundreds of readers. Such reporting posts become popular and direct traffic to the blog.

Use one or more of these types of blog posts to attract traffic and make your blog more and more popular.

This was a Guest post by Neil Jones, who Specializes in launching ecommerce sites, he is currently plying his trade as head of marketing for eMobileScan. With 18 websites based all around Europe they are on course to be one of Europe’s largest online retailers of Industrial handheld computers like the Datalogic Memor and the Motorola MC75. Neil has been an online marketer for the past 6 years and in that time he has owned and run a range of sites all built around the ecommerce platform.

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