Techniques to Convert Online Relationships into Offline Sales

This is a guest post by Abhishek Bhan

The popularity of a business is marked by its ardent followers online as well as offline relationships which generate sales. And no matter how many companies regard online marketing as one of the strongest basis to generate revenue, they cannot overlook the fact that the key lies in tricks and techniques of continuing online relationships in real world. For B2B marketing companies that involve bigger deals, offline marketing contributes to the bottom line of revenue generation.

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B2B buying decisions rely on 3 aspects: recently, frequency and relevancy. It is quite similar to the interaction with the consumers. In other words, if someone is not ready to buy now, you need to find a way to stay in touch such that when they are ready, they look upon you as a provider that was:

  • Most recently in touch
  • Most frequently in touch
  • Most relevant to their needs

Keeping in touch with a potential buyer requires few smart techniques which gives an impression of you being genuinely interested in providing the buyers with reliable information. So, here are few tricks which you can embed in your regular marketing routine and sales process:

  1. Events: This is one of the most effective strategies for B2B marketing. It provides the potential buyers an opportunity to meet you and learn more about what you do.
  2. Company Newsletters: We often find most of the regarding companies providing its regular visitors with a monthly newsletter. This is one of the most effective strategies which further engage your prospects and help them know you better and consider you as an efficient future investment option.
  3. Mails and Faxes: Even though we are in an era of internet, the traditional methods are still as attractive. One of the best techniques is to send personalized mails to the prospects in order to engage them and then to continue it with sales calls. You’ll get a lot better reaction and would be surprised to find the increased level of curiosity in the potential buyers. Moreover, you can also send a Fax as rarely any firm uses it and it can give you an edge over the others.
  4. Elevator Pitches: While networking in social or business situations, you can use elevator pitches as it can provide an excellent source of lead generation. You need to bring out intriguing elevator pitches in order to grab the attention of buyers. They should not necessarily be pushing your services or saying how great you are. If implemented correctly, it could be a highly rewarding B2B marketing strategy.

Apart from the above mentioned marketing tricks, another great technique to sell, is to let others do it for you via referrals and testimonials. You can introduce an effective referral program which would be as effective as having a team of the best sales people with the magic touch to find new leads and turn them into sales. This would hardly cost you a cent and would be highly beneficial. Testimonials, use of videos, interesting posts can provide you with a bunch of fans, advertising your services 24/7.

Both of the above mentioned strategies are more reliable as you need to face a simple truth that buyers believe an independent source of information a thousand times more than they believe your words. So, all you need is to put some amount of effort and enjoy its lasting benefits.

Author Bio: Abhishek Bhan is an avid blogger, marketing strategist and Social Media addict. He is currently working for Lead Creation as a business strategist covering the major issues like Social Media, E-Commerce, B2B marketing strategies. He also loves to travel and blog about his views regarding the new marketing strategies.

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