Business Rules for Socializing on Twitter

This is a guest post by Nitin Aggarwal

What is your social networking status? A commonly asked question and also the most widely discussed topic, social networking sites. Twitter specially, is the talk of the town, no matter where you go. Designed and developed with the main aim to socialize, twitter has grown much more than a simple networking site. Click into your twitter account and see the number of business sites promoting their businesses across the colossal online market.

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Twitter is the new found business networking platform used by thousands of web marketers for the promotion of their novice brands, products and business updates. However, you need to take into account a few business rules before promoting your online venture through this highly efficient social networking system. Read carefully and understand these requirements for the best networking results.

  • Profile updates: Your twitter profile is your identity on the networking site. Make sure you update it regularly with all the new developments, upcoming projects, new products, etc. These updates will help your new customers to understand your business and its services. It also gives them an idea about the genuineness of your business and its projected future success.
  • Professional outlook: Give your profile a professional look, while also balancing your socializing circuit. Commenting occasionally on the recent news stories is acceptable, but it should not hamper the image of your company, on behalf of which you are tweeting through your company profile. In case you are the company proprietor yourself, tweeting on the various topics is your personal decision. However, it will be much appropriate to create a policy on how and what topics should be tweeted on your account.
  • Socialize with your followers: Followers on twitter are always inquisitive to learn more about you and your company. They want to know more about you as an individual and whether the company is genuine or not. Hence, it is a necessity to socialize with your followers and respond promptly to all their queries. This will help you strengthen your bond with your followers, thus boosting your business relationship.
  • Stay in contact: Spamming is not the best idea for boosting your social network. Hence, publish only your recent business updates and product launches. Converse with all your followers, answer their doubts and queries. Keep it simple and professional to maintain interest of your followers in your company and services.
  • Using tracking devices: Keep a track of your followers using the hash-tags or any other tracking device. This will help all your customers to follow your business and its developments easily. They can always keep a track on your profile, your business and its new projects. Hash-tags are one of the best ways to know when your customers need your help and services.
  • Offer services: Help from experts is always available to the followers. Make sure you help followers with your services in order to improve services or solve their problems. This is one of the best ways to develop a strong customer and owner relation.

Follow these simple yet basic business rules on twitter and see your business expand with the help of Twitter, your favorite socializing network.

Nitin Aggarwal is the founder and owner of Offshore Ally. His company is a premier source of virtual assistant and link builders online. Blogging is his passion and he also enjoys adventure sports. Connect with him via Twitter.

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