Why You Should Switch From Google to Bing

Here are some of the reasons why you should start using Microsoft’s Bing search instead of Google:
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Search Query in Google.com returns Google.com 13 Times in a Row

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Classic Tips to Succeed in Online Marketing

This is a guest post by Kiley Kiersten

It is possible to achieve striking results for your business by following online marketing strategies. You should start practicing this as soon as you start up a business. business-img-1Here are some of tips and best approaches to succeed in online marketing.

Search engine friendly website: Before building the website it is advisable to know the best ways for creating and designing a website in accordance to making it search engine friendly. As website plays vital role it is important to have a good site that abides by the terms and conditions of the search engines. As search engines cannot read the content on the flash it better you describe what you have written at the end.
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Techniques to Convert Online Relationships into Offline Sales

This is a guest post by Abhishek Bhan

The popularity of a business is marked by its ardent followers online as well as offline relationships which generate sales. And no matter how many companies regard online marketing as one of the strongest basis to generate revenue, they cannot overlook the fact that the key lies in tricks and techniques of continuing online relationships in real world. For B2B marketing companies that involve bigger deals, offline marketing contributes to the bottom line of revenue generation.
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Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

This is a guest post by Nadia Jones

There’s no mystery behind the draw of marketing within social media networks: within minutes, an ambitious web marketer can set up a free profile on any online social network to gain instant access to millions of potential customers. But the ease with which one can make a profile on a social networking site belies the difficulty in marketing your product or service to others on the same service. In short, making an online profile is easy; getting people to view your profile and buy into your message is quite another matter.
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The 3 Misconceptions of Business Website Branding

This is a guest post by Warner

Analyzing brands is not always rainbows and butterflies as people commonly understand it. It’s a very hard job, because it’s about convincing clients that every business needs a certain “brand” or “branding” to engage their own target markets, and we all understand how difficult convincing people is, especially to those who are just starting and building their own businesses. However, successfully changing obstinate clients perception about branding is the most rewarding part of this job, because we know that once they get to understand the entire concept of “branding”, we become part of their success as well.
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5 Ways That Guest Blogging Can Help You Promote Your Business Online

This is a guest post by Robert Bellarmine

Guest blogging can be an exciting way to promote your business online if only you know what you are doing. Indeed there are many advantages that are associated with guest blogging and in this article I will be speaking about 5 interesting ways on how your business can benefit from this activity.
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Business Rules for Socializing on Twitter

This is a guest post by Nitin Aggarwal

What is your social networking status? A commonly asked question and also the most widely discussed topic, social networking sites. Twitter specially, is the talk of the town, no matter where you go. Designed and developed with the main aim to socialize, twitter has grown much more than a simple networking site. Click into your twitter account and see the number of business sites promoting their businesses across the colossal online market.
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Types of Blog Posts for Internet Success

This is a guest post by Neil Jones

Blogging is the short form of web logs or writing blog posts, a highly popular method of communicating with people anywhere and everywhere. Blog posts are being used by businesses to promote their business through a personalized interaction with customers, or by individuals wanting to share their views and beliefs with the world at large or a close circle of friends.
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Top 5 Ways Bloggers Make Money

This is a guest post by Jon

Not everyone who blogs makes money. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to be pulling down those 6 digit figures every year just by blogging. You need to have a steady flow of targeted traffic and a loyal subscriber base that loves to read your latest posts. I could list 100 ways to make money with your blog, but here is a list of the top 5 ways that most bloggers use to make their incomes. You can use one of all of them on your blog, but remember to keep the focus on creating quality content and not just on making an extra buck.
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